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I just talked to Janet. She wanted me to post this incredible brag.


Her Boston Terrier "Lucy" is #7 Over all in Performance Rally for the breed.

Lucy's breeder is Cyndi Bussey.


Great job!!!



Brags- Iíll give it a shot. In all we had 8 dogs entered over the 4 days. 

Waterford, Darbyís son and Morganís sister is a dog I bred and his owners have recently decided to show him at 6 years old won his class every day and took reserve on Thursday.

Limerick his brother would not settle down on Thursday and was excused because the judge couldnít examine him. I  really worked with him (ask me about the penis story sometime) and he was examined each day and today placed third. I felt like we went BIS

Murphy, Darbyís grandson went second in  12-18sweeps at our specialty and  first in sweeps today over the dog that eventually was WD at our  supported entry today

Saranac, Darbyís granddaughter won a highly competitive bred by class every day except today (where she didnít even get a ribbon) and got a major reserve on Friday

Her pups at their first show ( and sired by Jean Ryanís Mac)  all 6-9 class:

Mary Mac second in sweeps at our specialty, first in the regular classes

Bonnie Broom first in sweeps at our specialty, second in regular classes

Mary Mac first in both sweeps and regular classes at the  supported entry

Bonnie Broom second in both sweeps and regular classes at the supported entry

Rufus who I saw for the first time since he left home first in both sweeps and regular classes at our specialty

Porter who I saw for the first time since he left home except for a quick groom job on St. Patís day 2nd in both sweeps and regular classes at our specialty

This was the first show ever for both owners and they were very excited

 Oh and Mary Mac went Best Puppy at the Specialty!

I think thatís it except that I now need a new pair of legs

 Thanks, Jean for helping me show the pack!

Carol Ravina-Huegen


Our little smooth dachshund,  Grandgables Ruddy Trickster-MS, also known as Petey, was WD, BOS over specials for a 4 pt major on Sat.     Petey is up to 6 pts now.   He is co-owned by Darryl, myself, Guy Jeavons and Mark McMillan.    


Joanne & Darryl


Kate & Queezle had a sweep in Tervs the days they showed - Fri, Sat & Sun going BOB each day - nothing in Group.

Kate was 3rd, 3rd & amazingly 2nd today in Jr show as she had to show Flash the Corgi today since Queezle the Terv came in heat Sat night.

Hokey, my young male Terv won 20 in Excellent Jumpers with Weaves on Fri (beating all the BCs) & was 4th in Open FAST!

Deb E


Great news from Springfield! Kate picked up a 1st place in Open Senior
Jr show, Queezle went Best of Breed & then they went on to a Group 3!!!
Tomorrow she is at Collie specialites with the folks she is traveling
with so the Q gets a rest.
And it looks like a ride has been arranged for the new Balutis star :)))
Deb E