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President: Denise Fusco president@cnykc.org

Vice-President: Janet DiNitto

Secretary: Carol Ravina-Huegen secretary@cnykc.org

Treasurer: Bob Almy treasurer@cnykc.org

AKC Delegate: Diane Almy akcdelegate@cnykc.org

Committee Chairpersons

Association of Dog Clubs of New York: Jean Ryan

Internet: Stefani Pritchard cnykc@cnykc.org

Junior Awards: Judy Curtain

Match: Janet DiNitto & Denise Fusco

Membership: Anna Wisniewska membership@cnykc.org

Newsletter: Carol Ravina-Huegen editor@cnykc.org

Obedience: Karen Buttenschon

Public Education: Judy Curtain

Publicity: Jean Ryan

Service Awards: Deanne Balutis

Show (Spring): Jean Ryan / Diane Almy springshow@cnykc.org

Show (Fall): Diane Almy fallshow@cnykc.org

Sunshine: Barb Acchino

Tracking: Janet DiNitto

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